05: Ants Aussie Airports

Ants Aussie Airports should be placed above OZx Airports in FSX scenery library.

[New South Wales and Victoria]
Adaminaby –YADY : Light GA airfield
Casino  – YCAS: GA and glider airfield
Cooma – YCOM
: Regional airport
Evans Head – YEVD: old RAAF base
Geehi : Landing ground (nrst YKHA 14910)
Gundaroo – YGDO : Private airfield
Khancoban – YKHA : Snowy river hydro company airstrip
Polo Flat – YPFT
: GA airfield
South Grafton – YSGR : GA airfield
Tumut – YTMU : GA airfield
Wedderburn – YWBN
: GA airfield
Wilton – YWIO: Sydney Skydiving
WTC Helipad – YWTC : Helipad on the Yarra River, Melbourne
Yarra Bank Helipad – YYBK : Dual Helipads on the Yarra River, Melbourne

Barcaldine – YBAR : Regional airport
Boonah – YBOA: Light GA airfield
Bundaberg – YBUD : Regional airport
Hamilton Island – YBHM : Regional airport
Lady Elliot Island – YLTT: Private island resort airfield
Longreach – YLRE : Regional airport
Rockhampton – YBRK : Regional airport

[Northern Territory]
Albany Park : Old WWII RAAF base (nrst YBCR 18002)
Batchelor – YBCR : Skydiving airfield
Crab Claw Is : Small airstrip (nrst YDLV 19710)
Coomalie Creek – YCCR : Old WWII RAAF base
Darwin Hospital – YXDH : Helipad
Darwin Intl – YPDN : International, Regional, GA and RAAF Base
Delissaville – YDLV : Small airstrip
Dum in Mirrie Island – YDII : Small airstrip
Dundee Beach : Small airstrip (nrst YDII 18005)
Emkaytee – YMKT : Light GA airfield
Robertson Barracks – YRBK : Army helicopter base
Tindal – YPTN
: RAAF Base shared with Regional airport for Katherine

Settings Used

Mesh complexity :    100
Mesh resolution :   5m
Texture resolution:    15cm (28)
Scenery complexity :  Extremely Dense (5)
Autogen density:  Very Dense (4)

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